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ভবা দাস জেগে থাকে সারা রাত খটকায়
কেন প্রেম বার বার ঘাড় তার মটকায়?
মটকায় বৈশাখি রোদ্দুরে,
মটকায় মাঘে শীতে ঘুরে ঘুরে,
মটকায় আষাঢ়ের বরষণ ঝটকায়!
সারা রাত ভোগে রোজ ভবা দাস খটকায়! 


সুধাকর ঢালি
কেঁদে কেটে কালই
বলে গেল আমি ওরে,
সত্যিই আমি তো রে?
কেঁদে কেটে হাউ হাউ সুধাকর ঢালি।


I love you so, dear chimpanzees
I wish I lived as happily as thzees
High up on a lofty tree
Draped in leaves, lovely and free
In blissful ignorance of democrazies.

প্রেমের ছড়া



Amongst the many things that I’ve left undone
Perhaps the most important’s meaningless fun
Fun that is witless, fun that’s mour
Than spending your savings in Kuala Lumpour
Fun that can drop on you on nights dark and rainy
In African forests with girls Bahraini
In the company of camels, in the company of kangaroos
Speaking to baboons and running after dangaroos
Flying helicopters
With a million grasshopters
How I do wish I were shamelessly happy
Without rhyme or reason, in my necktie and nappy.


Last night at the starry sky, as I was casually glimpsing
I thought I saw a shadow up there, which appeared to be limpsing
I asked the shadow – Is that you dear God?
But its reaction to my question was somewhat odd
As it turned around and pleaded me to leave well alone
And it said this in a distinct tone that resembled a moan
Get lost in your temples please and practise alchemy
Instead of preaching that I’ll cure your woes, for that’s called blaschemy.


God’s armour methinks
Is old and rusty and full of chinks
Through the chinks sometimes show up his weeping eyes
And you hear him mumbling as he sighs–
Worn out alas is my mace
Or else I’d have wiped out the human race
And made it an extinct species
For spreading lies and fecund thescies
That claim it was I who’d created the universe
When in fact it was exactly the reuniverse.


When machines had begun to arrive on my earth
They used doubtlessly to add to my mirth
They ground for me my spices, massaged for me my legs
They toasted my bread each morning and soft boiled my eggs
Warmed up my cold food and dried up my wet hair
And vacuum cleaned my floors, under CCTV care
With every passing day show up machines ever newerer
To perform for me queer tasks that keep on growing queerer
And now of course my entire home the machines alone do stride
While I roam about the dusty streets of bygone mirth and pride.

Ogdenfully Yours

An elevator,
I assume has little to do with an alligator.
Yet, after inviting you in,
With a welcoming grin,
It refuses sometimes to let you out,
However much you scream or shout.
An elevator of course never bites or fights.
But it can cause a lot of fright, in particular, on lonesome nights.