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Siesta (Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “The Mad Gardener’s Song”) ©

He thought he saw among his books
A peeping thesaurus
He looked again and found it was
A sleeping tyrannosaurus
“If it wakes up now,” he sighed
I’ll surely miss my bus.”

Alternative Version

He thought he saw the library shelves
Were packed with thesauri
He looked again and found they were
All sleeping tyrannosauri
“If they should wake up now,” he sighed
I shan’t again be I.”

The Horse

Full of pride, horse astride
I wished to set off on a mission
To steal for me the prettiest bride
That had ever crossed one’s vision
Unfortunately though, I din’t quite know
How to ride a horse
And what was worse, I’d lil to show
On how to saddle’t by fawrce
I decided still to carry on
And climbed up on a stool
To mount my shiny stallion
Only fate turned out too crool
No sooner had I seated
Than my steed began to nettle
And soon alas I quite defeated
Sustained a fall most faytell
I howled aloud with torn sinews
And the horse ran away contempted
It vanished where I wish I knews
With my search for the prettiest bride ended.

Style inspired by Ogden Nash