Monthly Archives: January 2022

Mirth from Perth

Monsignor Mirth – a resident of Perth,
Grinned as he said – he came to this earth,
To dine on frankfurters,
With pickled olive starters,
And pineapple tarts – to add to his girth.

Monsignor Mirth – says he’s found no dearth,
Of his chosen foods – in markets of Perth,
In sleeveless undershirts,
He dances as he squirts
Red wine in a glass – drinking money’s worth.

Noise of Silence

silent bright blue lake —
caught fish wobbling inside boat —
silent sunlit hills …


all of earth can live —
in one little haiku home —
space it’ll have for more…

On Your Lap

For happiness alone why should I aspire?
Pray keep me instead seated on your lap 
Let happiness to ashes zap.
If the ground below my feet begins to sway,
Your tight grip will not let me go astray,
Cradled in your arms you’ll keep me swinging in your trap.
Wherever my home I try to build,
Let arrive a mighty deluge,
If you have chosen to drown away my all,
I will not seek refuge.
I accept defeat and worry no more,
Your winnings are mine as well for sure,
Surrender shall I for then alone 
Our relationship won’t snap.   


Transcreation of the Tagore song সুখে আমায় রাখবে কেন …
Taala– Dadra