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Harakiri – Haiku

sharp blade of lightning–
sky used to carve itself up —
harakiri time …

Memories — Haiku

            lovely moon shining --
        behind rain soaked rolling clouds --
            lingers on her face ...

God — Haiku

giggled aloud God–
as he watched the universe–
stage his slapstick play…

Eclipse –Haiku

her lonely figure —
won’t let a lonely sun watch —
her lonely shadow …

Bondage — Haiku

unable to break
our bondage eternal —
my worry and I …

Endless — Haiku

why? I wish I knew–

endlessly waited for you–

deserted seashore…


near burning ground,

vultures flap wings in their nests —

camera wary …

Promise — Haiku

drenched in rain I wait,

unable to find shelter —

don’t fail, she had said …

Dreams — Haiku

wacky haiku poems,
scalded by the noonday sun —
dreaming rainy dreams …

Happy New Year — Haiku

Doggedly I live, Even as the year does not --- Happy New Year …