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Short rhymes in English following the steps of the great humorist Ogden Nash.

Who was Ogden Nash?
Frederic Ogden Nash (August 19, 1902 – May 19, 1971) was an American poet well known for his light verse, of which he wrote over 500 pieces. With his unconventional rhyming schemes, he was declared the country’s best-known producer of humorous poetry.

Thalia Story

Thalia the Greek
I met by the creek
On a faraway noon
And fell into a swoon.
So I failed alas to teller
That I never ever weller
Loved a girl
Other than
Thus ended
The story of
Thalia ‘n


Halfway across the bridge he stood
And began to scratch his head
Wondering, whether in wisdom should,
He further at all tread.

If the rest of the bridge collapses
And gravity assumes charge
To guide him along will there be mapses?
The query in his mind loomed large.

Should he then, retrace his way
To where he began his journey?
But couldn’t that part of the bridge too sway?
Would surely ask his ‘ttorney.

He stared in vain up at the sky
He stared below in fear
He hadn’t a plane in which to fly
Nor a parachute one could steer.

Which way to go, he never found
He could not solve that riddle
Grew ancient thus he, holding his ground
A fiddler without his fiddle.

The Horse

Full of pride, horse astride
I wished to set off on a mission
To steal for me the prettiest bride
That had ever crossed one’s vision
Unfortunately though, I din’t quite know
How to ride a horse
And what was worse, I’d lil to show
On how to saddle’t by fawrce
I decided still to carry on
And climbed up on a stool
To mount my shiny stallion
Only fate turned out too crool
No sooner had I seated
Than my steed began to nettle
And soon alas I quite defeated
Sustained a fall most faytell
I howled aloud with torn sinews
And the horse ran away contempted
It vanished where I wish I knews
With my search for the prettiest bride ended.

Style inspired by Ogden Nash

Thalia the Greek

Thalia, lovely Thaliah
I wished, desp’rately, to marryhah
But Thalia was a Greek
Whose language I dint speak
How insurmountable that barrihah! 

Style inspired by Ogden Nash


I wish I knew my way to Siam
 But God had hidden it,
  So I didn'it,
   And travelled across the earth
    In questionable mirth
     Failing to reach anywhere
              Except where I am.
Inspired by Ogden Nash.


Folks, I’m told there’s nothin’ to feeya

For coroneeya’s simply melareeya

So it seems assures Trumpia the grouchia

Leaving no escape for Anthonia Faucia.

Ogden Nash inspired.


Flaubert studied law
Which certainly was his flaw
Thank Lord though he was clever
Which is why he never
Turned into lauyert
And simply remained Flaubert.


Strange I think are those lawyers
For their days last each for twennyears
Which probably means as I fears
You really don’t need those lawyers.


I wish I knew
Why the deuce is a U,
Followed by an S,
Called United States–
When for all intents and purp’ses,
A tini mini u, preceding a wiggly wriggly s,
As we were taught way back, in kindergarten class,
Is not just handfuls of yous, but earthfuls of us.


The tragedy for most of us is that
Ultimately we turn old and fat.

Based on Ogden Nash:
The trouble with a kitten is that
Eventually it becomes a cat.