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Translations from Bengali, haiku in English with Japanese translations

Walked — Haiku

I walked, walked and walked Till I reached the end of earth --- Unreachable she ...



Pleading – Haiku

Little haiku pleads With towering universe Hoping to be heard ...


Jammed — Haiku

Untasted coffee 

In a deserted café -- 

Jammed with memories ... 


Café — Haiku

Three lovely young girls! Some old eyes surreptitious -- In the coffee shop ...


Rich — Haiku

Might as well be poor

Living next to Kempty Falls —

Bountifully rich …

Kempty Falls


Sunshine — Haiku

Toasts and soft boiled eggs A patch of winter sunshine Sit by her sick bed ...


Telltale — Haiku

The sky quite endless, Deep and silent the ocean -- In her telltale eyes


Halo — Haiku

Dusk -- rainy -- windy Girl struggling with umbrella -- Halo of streetlight ...

Newborn Year — A Haiku

smiling newborn year -- a moment younger at most, than eternity ---





Umbrella 3 — A Haiku


Its shelter offered -- Hoping for rain's arrival Lonely umbrella