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Haiku in English. Mostly English. But there is a Japanese attempt as well.

Coffee — A Haiku

untasted coffee 
in a deserted cafe -- 
crowds of memories ... 



Newborn Year — A Haiku

smiling newborn year -- a moment younger at most, than eternity ---





Umbrella 3 — A Haiku


Its shelter offered -- Hoping for rain's arrival Lonely umbrella


Rain — A Haiku

A sky filled with rain, —

Leapt and swept before it left —

No sky filled with rain …





Comfort – A Haiku


Sitting in comfort
A baby fungus enjoys
Music of the stream —


Crickets – A Haiku


A desolate street —
Thronging the chirping crickets
In shower washed trees

Walking — A Haiku


Did they leave too soon,
Or, are they yet to arrive?
Pondered I, walking —



With You — A Haiku


Grueling summer

The coolness of village pond

In the shade with you




Eyes — A Haiku

Lingering winter
Bare trees shivering in cold —
Ah! Your warm, brown eyes

Still — A Haiku

Even if the cold lingers
Cruel north winds flog the trees—
Still spring never fails