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Translations from Bengali, haiku in English with Japanese translations

You — Haiku

moon shines in glory — blushes happily the sea — what for, without you ?



Narcissus — Haiku

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 2.49.29 PM


Butterfly — Haiku


Ephemeral — Haiku


Disaster — Haiku

smell disaster I -- on this windswept evening -- recalling your eyes ...


Hope — Haiku

a quivering hope-- lingers through the rainy night-- lamp's flickering flame...


Doubts — Haiku

her last fleeting glance -- lost in the gathering dusk -- keeping doubts alive ...


Drizzle — Haiku

drizzle down the sky

washed away tears down her eyes —

down the lonesome way …

Together — Haiku

standing together —

girl in bright orange saree —

and her lonely thoughts …

Torn — Haiku