Welcome Aboard!

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How lucky my friend that our ways crossed! We could have continued to be strangers for the rest of our lives, had it not been for this fortuitous event. You arrived at this inn that I check into every so often. It’s a cosy little joint let me assure you. The hosts are friendly and the guests I have come across appear to be charming people to say the least.

So, as they say, Welcome Aboard!

What do I do here? Ah! Nice question indeed. You know what? I write haiku and I write other forms of poetry as well. I write stories too, most of which are my memoirs. I translate stuff into English, mostly from Bengali. Sometimes I move in the reverse direction too. Bengali happens to be my mother tongue.

I travel a lot too. Cyberly speaking, if you know what I mean.

By the time you are as old as I am, you tend to repeat yourself. Don’t be surprised therefore if you find me trying to engage you in similar conversations, sometimes at least, at different halting stations. Read “Who’s Me?” below if you want to find out how I sublimated to this state of existence.

I used to write for the printed media once in a while, but it doesn’t attract me anymore. But some of those essays will find a place in this site. But I am a slow builder, so I am not sure where I am finally headed. I am surrounded by hares and, contrary to the tortoise-hare tale, I always lose. 

My site is divided up into two major categories. The first is my first love at the moment. Haiku. The second consists of everything else. But here is a parting message. Like Shelley’s cloud, I often “arise and unbuild” the things I pieced together with loving care. I need to rend them asunder every now and then, or else how will the ” orbèd maiden” that “mortals call the Moon” walk in through the yawning chasms and make us hear the “beat of her silent feet”?