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There was this old man stranded in an island
Who wanted to disappear inside his iPand
Which could hide, he said, all that he possessed
Except himself which made him feel offendessed
Lamented the old man with his iPand in the island.

Ogdenfully Mough

If, in a burner, I had been fried,
Chances are high that I would have died.
And if outside a burner, I happen to be dead,
They’ll fry me in the burner still, I constantly dread.
What confuses me enormously though –
Is which of these happenings, will bring happiness mough.


I wish I knew from the bottom of my heartest
What sort of a residence I ought to have preferredest
As global warming makes summers ever hotter
And winters are turning now longer and coldter
Perhaps what’s called for’s an exchange in hemisphlias
Himalayas for summers and winters in Australias.


Amongst the many things that I’ve left undone
Perhaps the most important’s meaningless fun
Fun that is witless, fun that’s mour
Than spending your savings in Kuala Lumpour
Fun that can drop on you on nights dark and rainy
In African forests with girls Bahraini
In the company of camels, in the company of kangaroos
Speaking to baboons and running after dangaroos
Flying helicopters
With a million grasshopters
How I do wish I were shamelessly happy
Without rhyme or reason, in my necktie and nappy.


Last night at the starry sky, as I was casually glimpsing
I thought I saw a shadow up there, which appeared to be limpsing
I asked the shadow – Is that you dear God?
But its reaction to my question was somewhat odd
As it turned around and pleaded me to leave well alone
And it said this in a distinct tone that resembled a moan
Get lost in your temples please and practise alchemy
Instead of preaching that I’ll cure your woes, for that’s called blaschemy.