Golden Bay

golden bay oh golden bay

shining, deep blue, silent grey

do you know if on your shore

waits for me still as of yore

a lovely girl all young and pretty

full of smile and always witty

to hug me tight and deeply kiss

and lead me to my wayward bliss

golden bay oh golden bay

everytime I’d sail away

to far and distant seas from home

unknown lands alone to roam

and bring back tales from east and west

of rivers flowing from a mountain crest

she would wait to hear me out

and make me settle every doubt

once more now oh golden bay

my weathered ship has come your way

I fear though I was gone too long

this sailor’s age is frightfully wrong

empty shore your empty shore

I can’t see her smiles anymore

where she’s gone far far away

no one knows at golden bay

First prize winner in contest held by http://www.allpoetry.com, December 2022-January, 2023

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