Tell me mate, how we’ll ever forget …

Tagore had a Bengali version of “auld lang syne”. Here is a link to Debabrata Biswas’ rendition of the Bengali song and an English translation of the lyric matching the lilt Tagore had given to the original tune. 

purano shei diner kotha 

Tell me mate, how we’ll ever forget, those days of our’s of yore
Our eyes forever keep feeding on them, in hearts too they’ll endure.
Come fill my heart dear friend oh dearest, do come here one more time
We’ll share again our pains and pleasures, our hearts will beat in chime.
Our dawns we spent in picking flowers, ‘n swinging on a swing
Flutes we played ‘neath trees in blossom, in tune we friends did sing.
Alas, all at once, we lost our way, and drifted far apart

But now that we have met again, do come back to this heart.






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