A Dialogue between God and a Lover

(Original translation: November, 2010. This revised version: 21.12.2014)

-`If she were to roast you live in fire?' Effortless death is all I will desire -`If above the clouds she were to lift you then?' Into raindrops I'll splinter, sheer droplets of rain -`And if she chooses to grind you into dust?' Keep on flying wayward then I must -`Fly? Well, if she manages to clip your wings to size?' As I fall, I'll hold on to her branch, I surmise -`If she throws you off her branch, wretched fool?' What choice? Embracing herself I'll try and keep my cool Should I say more, Milord, have you warnings still? -`Oh get off -- enjoy lifelong agony to your fill!'

Translation of a Bengali poem ঈশ্বর আর প্রেমিকের আলাপ by Joy Goswami। It was published in his collection আজ যদি আমাকে জিগ্যেস করো (meaning If you Ask Me Today) in 1991.