Mirthless Town

Mirthless town, if your wish I ever could grant, A tiny river may well be all you'll want, -Whose tears perhaps would wash your smouldered soul, And make the night stars snuggle up close and loll, Quivers in hardened, frozen shadows it'd arouse And turn them into a miracle's fleeting spouse. The mirthless town has lost track of the date She had a river. A drain today's her mate. Mirthless town, perchance if your needs I probed, For a cloud or two you might have just implored, -Your grimy sky the clouds would partly screen, With kindness blend the scorching sunrays' sheen, Timid longings perched on the wings of a kite Rubbed by the softness of clouds they'd go on a flight. The mirthless town can't recall the time anymore When in mires it lost the clouds that used to soar.

Translation-cum-transcreation of a Bengali poem দুঃখী নগর (dukkhi nagar, meaning Mirthless Town) by Premendra Mitra. The poem was published in his collection হরিণ-চিতা-চিল (horin-chita-chil, meaning The Deer-The Leopard-The Kite).

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