Changeless Change

cloudless, bright blue, summer sky
has loomed since Monday noticed I.
the selfsame sky in spotless blue
looks down at me Friday too.

this is puzzling, for I can’t guess
why the blue sky stays changeless.
nothing on earth that I’ve ever seen
remains unchanged like this summer scene.

pyramids and pencils, submarines and shirts
have changed o’er time along with red and yellow skirts.
beef steaks, eggplants and Corona have changed.
the girls I chased in college are totally estranged.

bridges collapse, skyscrapers grow taller.
Dow Jones changes with the US dollar.
only this bright blue, cloudless, summertime sky,
has taken leave of changes, bidding them good-bye.

I asked an old professor, why the sky refused to change.
he laughed aloud and told me, he found my question strange.
“yesterday, the sky you saw, was younger than today’s.
a full day older is the sky which now has caught your gaze!

you didn’t see this change at all, but here’s what is true,
the sky grows older everyday, whatever its hue!
sadly enough summer’s lease has all too short a date.
long ago the point was made by Shakespeare you know mate.

you had better accept this,  for by nature’s own decree
changes are the only kind of changeless there can be”

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